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Superior sport shoelaces



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"No tie" type shoelaces

  • Eyeblink fast! Just twist & lock and you are out the door.
  • Feel comfortable even with your shoes on.
  • Kids will love them - they'll be back in the game in no time.
  • Keep your hands clean and mind focused on important things.
  • No tying - no wear & tear, no accidental knots that have to be cut off.
  • Protect your favorite sneakers - you'll never be tempted to "squeeze out" of them again.
  • 25 different colors to choose from
  • Quick & Easy Set-up System - everything is included in the package!

Never tie your shoelaces again


Tight-locks are fast and easy to tighten and secure. Just twist &  lock in a heartbeat and you are ready to go for your morning jog, gym treadmill, afternoon hike, family bike ride or skate ramp.

Don’t trip over and fall on shoelaces. Don’t get left behind. Don’t stop to tie your dirty shoelaces again - rest when you choose to rest, not when your shoelaces get loose. Tight-locks may be the secret ingredient that puts you at an advantage. Let others get tangled in their shoelaces. 

At the end of the day, just twist & unlock in an eye-blink and you are back on the couch in time for your well-deserved shake.

Don’t feel uncomfortable in your own shoes

We all tend to tighten our shoelaces as hard as we can in order to prevent them from coming untied during the day. This pressure slows down the blood flow in our feet and produces pressure points and tension. That’s why we feel more relaxed when we take our shoes off. That’s why we sometimes struggle in our office, or in class - we feel uncomfortable because our feet feel gripped too tight, almost strangled. 

Tight-locks stretch enough to allow your feet to “breath” and feel comfortable even with your shoes on. Our feet feel less warm, fewer bacteria get trapped in our shoes and they become less smelly. 

Even if you need more comfort while sitting at your desk, you can just twist and unlock and no one will notice.

Less daily frustrations

We usually don’t notice right away that our shoelaces got loose. Only if we glance at our shoes on a subway, or someone points it out on the street, we tend to our shoelaces right away. But as soon as we touch them, we can feel how dirty and wet they became from dragging through god-knows-what during our commute. All we can think from that moment on is what various kinds of filth we carry on our hands. Tight-locks cannot untie and have no loose ends -  you’ll keep your hands clean and mind focused on important things in your day.

Have you ever pulled the wrong string trying to untie your shoes? Of course, you have - everybody does. It seems like a small thing, but we know that it adds to other daily frustrations. All of us had somehow managed to tie a knot that could only be cut-off. And that usually happens when we need those shoes and don’t have time to replace the shoelaces. That could never happen with Tight-locks. No knots = less daily frustrations.

Your kids and grandkids will love them

Let’s face it - kids can’t stay in one place for more than a second. Thay can’t be bothered to pause and tie their shoelaces. They actually don’t hate shoelaces, they hate tying and untying. It’s not easy for them, even if you are there to help them, tying shoelaces takes time away from playing - it’s just dull. 

They might not even notice that their shoelaces got untied, or will, as they tend to, ignore it. They’ll usually just continue running over them, messing them up with dirt, which will later dirty their shoes up.

And yeah, they will trip over and fall. Accidents happen, shoelaces get tangled in fences, skateboard wheels, and bike chains, and let’s not even think about those shoelace-escalator real-life horror stories.

Get your kids back in the game fast and safe. With Tight-locks, you’ll have one less problem to worry about.

Preserve and protect your favorite shoes and sneakers


Never again will you be tempted to get out of your shoes buy stepping on your heal and squeeze out of them. You’re brand new sneakers become old very fast because you feel you’re in a hurry to take them off (bathroom emergency anyone?). With fast unlocking of your Tight-locks, you’ll preserve that feeling of new shoes for a long time.

Always new - designed to last

Every time you tie or untie your laces there’s microscopic wear and tear that in time make them look old and eventually leads to snaping that can happen in the most inconvenient time (late for a date, dancing at a party, running, skating, biking). You’ll never have to tie your Tight-locks - you’ll change your shoes before you’ll have to change your laces. They’ll look new all the time.

25 beautiful colors

25 color variations that you can choose for every sneakers and shoe you own. From pastel to fluorescent  - you can match them perfectly.

Quick & Easy Set-up System

Setup your brand new Split-second laces in 3 easy steps:


Everything is included in the package!

We'll send you everything in a convenient package - just open, install and take your pretty shoes for a walk.

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